Seafood & Game Masterclass

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Seafood and Game Masterclass. 
Available from November 2023 until January 2024.

Dive Deep into Culinary Traditions with Head Chef Scott at The Three Chimneys

Venture beyond mere dining and embark on a culinary journey that promises an immersive experience, set against the backdrop of Skye's outstanding natural beauty. With the pristine waters of Dunvegan Loch whispering tales of fresh langoustines, crab, and divine Sconser scallops, and the Armadale, Glendale & Orbost estate delivering exquisite Red Deer, this masterclass offers an authentic taste of the island.

Under the tutelage of Head Chef Scott Davies, a culinary maestro with deep-rooted connections to Skye and Wales, you'll immerse yourself in the traditions and flavours that define this enchanting island. Discover the secrets behind crafting dishes that resonate with the soul of Skye, its people, and their unwavering commitment to quality. This journey isn't merely about tantalising your taste buds; it's about honouring sustainability, camaraderie, and the collective stories of local crofters, growers, brewers, and fishermen.

What Awaits You:

Personal Guidance: Elevate your culinary prowess with hands-on instruction from Chef Scott and our adept kitchen brigade.

Behind-the-Scenes Magic: Witness first-hand the alchemy of transforming fresh ingredients into gastronomic masterpieces.

Craft & Experience: Engage in the preparation of a sumptuous three-course lunch, then be seated at a communal table in our elegant dining room. There, our skilled chefs will artfully finalise your creations, which will be gracefully served by our dedicated front of house team.

Perfect Pairings: Each dish is enhanced with meticulously selected wine pairings, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavours.

Memorable Takeaways: Leave not just with cherished memories, but also with exclusive recipes to recreate and showcase the essence of Skye to your loved ones.

Details: Delve deep into Skye's culinary heritage with our exclusive masterclass, tailored for guests staying with us on a special two-night package. Begin your journey with a memorable dinner at our renowned restaurant on your arrival night. Awaken the following day, and after a leisurely breakfast, immerse yourself in the masterclass experience. For those attending the Wednesday session, please ensure your arrival is on Tuesday. Similarly, for a Saturday masterclass, plan to arrive on Friday. This masterclass is a privilege we reserve solely for the resident guests of The Three Chimneys, promising an intimate and luxurious setting for each participant.

A Note on Class Structure: To ensure an intimate and personalised experience, each masterclass will have a maximum of 12 participants. Attendees will be divided into rotating groups of 4, allowing for focused interaction and instruction with Chef Scott and our kitchen brigade. This format not only promotes a deeper engagement with the culinary process but also encourages camaraderie among guests.

Special Dietary Considerations: Our masterclass is deeply rooted in the authentic culinary traditions of Skye. While we strive to provide an exceptional experience for every guest, it's imperative that potential attendees notify us of any dietary requirements or restrictions prior to booking. This allows us to assess our ability to accommodate specific needs. We reserve the right to suggest alternative dining experiences if we believe the masterclass may not align with certain dietary constraints.

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Investment: £120 per person, inclusive of a bespoke wine pairing experience.

Embark on an epicurean adventure that goes beyond the plate. Experience the spirit of Skye like never before.

For clarity the available dates are:

November 2023:

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th

Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th

Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th

December 2023:

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th

January 2024:

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th

Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st

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