A culinary ethos dating back to 1985 when the Three Chimneys opened its doors on the Isle of Skye. Now proudly part of The Wee Hotel Company.

The Three Chimneys was established in 1985 by Shirley and Eddie Spear whose dream it was to create a Bistro- Style eatery serving fresh home cooked food on the Isle of Skye. The dream was to create a restaurant that was based on the unashamed promotion of all that was good about fresh Scottish food and the country’s culinary heritage. An ethos that stands true today.

In the early days the restaurant closed from November to March, relying at times on retail sales of whisky and marmalade!

The House Over-By was built in 1999 along with an expanded restaurant, despite pessimism on all fronts. Opening in the May of 1999, the addition of six suites enabled the restaurant to open year-round and a new chapter began.

Chef Scott Davies joined the team in 2015 and brought a new passion and creativity. He continues to ensure that The Three Chimneys remains an aspirational food experience that draws visitors from all over the world.

In 2019 after 35 years as proud owners, Shirley and Eddie passed on the ownership to The Wee Hotel Company under the watchful stewardship of Gordon Campbell Gray, its founder.

To be continued…

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