A wee bit more about who we are...

The Wee Hotel Company was founded by renowned hotelier Gordon Campbell Gray in 2019. Born in Scotland, Gordon carved a global career in hospitality, operating amazing hotels in locations all over the world. A desire to return to his roots, combined with a belief that fantastic food combined with a warm welcome in some of Scotland’s most beautiful destinations was a winning formula.

The Wee Hotel Company now comprises the iconic Three Chimneys on Skye and the incredibly popular Pierhouse Hotel in Argyll. Both are destination restaurants with the warmest of welcomes and finest food their respective locales have to offer. Both are unique in their design, concept and ambience, but both are bound by a commitment to first class service and an outstanding meal and guest experience.


Passionate about their craft, our teams are outstanding. We pledged to be a fair and transparent employer to attract the best of the best and in return we are proud of our Wee Hotel employees and their commitment to excellence.

To retain and motivate our teams we in turn are committed to providing comfortable staff accommodation and we support those who live locally through our live-out allowance.

We encourage our teams to share ideas, support local charities and further their skill sets with the requisite training. We know this is a tough and demanding industry and we try to be there for our amazing teams.

To support busy lifestyles and shift work, we make a contribution to those learning to drive, run a cycle to work scheme and offer family and friends discounts at our hotels. We offer a generous bonus to those who introduce a new employee to the team.

We support Hospitality Action who offer vital support to all who work or have worked in the UK and find themselves in troubled waters.

We are a proud Living Wage Employer


Within each property’s unique location, we pledge to support local farmers, fishermen and artisan suppliers and to work with them in a fair and consistent manner. This means we reduce our carbon footprint while creating strong community relationships and offering guests the freshest of produce on a daily basis. We work with local visitor attraction and activity operators to encourage our guests to take adventures provided by our community.

Our aim is to ensure that our unique location, on the stunning Isle of Skye is preserved for generations to come.


Each of the Wee Hotel Company hotels boasts a Green Team with the aim to drive forward initiatives and ideas that align to their individual commitments.

The Green Team for The Three Chimneys has set out their commitments to look after the local environment, reduce the hotel and staff footprint and to support their local community. Some of those commitments are set out below:

To reduce the use of single use plastic – for example, our in-bathroom amenities use ethically sourced ingredients and are presented in refillable bottles; and the kitchen is working towards eliminating the use of products such as cling-film, aluminium foil and baking parchment.

To minimise our footprint by creating lasting relationships with local suppliers and a commitment to sourcing 75 percent of our food from within Scotland.

To purchase fish that is approved by the Marine Conservation Society from sustainable and reputable sources.

To cure our own meat and fish when possible and do much of the butchery work on-site to minimise wastage.

To reduce outsourcing by preparing many of our own products in-house. This includes preserves, granola, bakery and pastries, to name just a few.

To increase what and how much we can and do recycle.

We constantly review our energy consumption both at the hotel and within our staff housing. For example, all lightbulbs have been updated to LED bulbs, reducing our overall electricity consumption.

Continued use of plant based eco-friendly cleaning products.

To continue to support the local community through fundraising initiatives.

In 2022 we were one of the Finalist in the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards. We were nominated in recognition of our Sustainability actions.

Sustainability Award

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