Head Chef Scott Davies

My culinary ethos

Born and raised by incredibly hard-working parents in Wales, with my formative teenage years growing up in Scotland. My young family now call the Isle of Skye home. The outdoors and a childhood spent playing rugby, gave me the love and appreciation for nature and the wonderful bounty it has to offer. My childhood lessons follow me into adult life, as does my undying support for the Welsh rugby team!

Skye is wild, ever-changing, with outstanding natural beauty, sometimes; four seasons in one day! For many, the landscape alone is unforgettable. We hope your culinary experience is equally memorable and a testament to this incredible island.

My experience and those who have influenced me, drive me to do justice to all the ingredients we present to you. We use every part, showcasing the hard work our crofters, growers, brewers, and fisherman do. Like a chef, its more than just a job, it's a lifestyle, your family’s life. With access to the best local produce anywhere in Scotland the Three Chimneys is unique.

Sustainability is the core of my ethos. We use seasonal local ingredients. We have a beautiful natural larder on our doorstep, why fly something from across the world? Wonky looking fruit or vegetables freshly picked, are bursting with flavour and nutrients. Living off the land and foraging our local area comes with a bounty of rewards for us and our dishes.

We experiment with sustainable cooking techniques and have made massive strides in composting all our food waste. We honour the whole animal - these "lesser" cuts of meat are the jewel in our crown, focusing on braises and slow cooking to create a really wonderful depth of flavour which forgoes the need for waste.

Being a chef is far more than just cooking - it's about passion, sustainability and camaraderie. I hope these values go some way protecting our world for my children and inspire future generations.

The kitchen team and I look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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