Three Chimneys Gin

When partners share their passion and craft, great things can happen. 

The Three Chimneys Gin is a unique fusion of delicious flavours from Strathearn Distillery. The Three Chimneys and Skye inspired our choice of botanicals. The lush fruit burst of Highland blueberries, the bittersweet orange intensity of our marmalade and the floral character of foraged rosehip so abundant on the island.

Carefully weighing out the selected botanicals, the Gin is slowly distilled using a 300L Hoga pot still with a descending lyne arm which encourages bolder flavours.

Gin is distilled at the strength of 75% ABV which is then cut down to 43% ABV for bottling using water.

Botanicals included

Angelica Root
Blueberries - dried
Calamus Root
Grapefruit Peel - dried
Juniper Berries
Lemon Verbena
Liquorice Root
Orange Peel - dried
Orris root - powder
Rose Hips
Rose Petals
Tonka Beans

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