Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Dinner at our Kitchen Table is a not-to-be-missed experience for anyone visiting the Isle of Skye. The kitchen was designed to accommodate this rustic table and chairs within its own special area. There is no partitioning, glass, or cameras: just the full performance of our Chefs and Waiters at work! You are seated with a great view and will soon become immersed in the whole tableau of our busy kitchen. 

The Kitchen Table offers a communal dining experience and can be reserved for up to a maximum of 8 guests. The minimum age for Kitchen Table reservations is 16 years and over. 

The Kitchen Table is available to book each evenings, at a cost of £120 per person. We serve a Che'f Choice Tasting menu consisting 6-7 courses showcasing the best ingredients from the Isle of Skye and the surrounding area. Please note that Kitchen Table Tasting Menu does not cater for dietary requirements, and it is not possible to offer substitutions to the dishes offered as part of a carefully curated menu. The menu can change daily, and often at a moment’s notice depending on the produce coming through our doors. This is strict policy, and no exceptions will be offered. We do apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. The dining time is at 7.00pm.

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