Eddie and Shirley remain in close contact with The Three Chimneys team every day and, as its founders, play an active role in running the business. Recently, they have chosen to move nearer their family in Edinburgh, Shirley’s home town. Having grown the business from one that was much smaller in the 80s, they have been responsible for many major developments along the way. Their original culinary ethos and high standards of customer service created the destination experience which remains at the core of The Three Chimneys to this day.

The Isle of Skye is blessed with miles of deeply indented rocky coastline, sea lochs, sheer cliffs, jagged mountains and volcanic rock stacs. Heather-clad hills and steep glens, hidden lochans, tumbling waterfalls and sparkling mountain burns – all of these things make up the beauty of Skye.

Wayside wild flowers, birds of all kinds, wildlife on land and sea – these beautiful sights and sounds complete the magic that captures the hearts and soothes the souls of visitors from all over the world.

We know the island very well and are only too happy to share this knowledge with you. Please download our summary, or speak to us in person during your time with us.

The Three Chimneys is in a beautiful spot close beside the seashore on the edge of Loch Dunvegan, in the north west of the Isle of Skye.

We’re in Colbost, a crofting township that’s part of the larger area of Glendale, surrounded by hills and moorland and near the foot of MacLeod’s Tables, the distinctive flat-topped hills of the Duirinish peninsula. Loch Dunvegan is a wide sea loch that opens into the Minch, the narrow stretch of water that separates Skye from the Outer Hebrides.

You’ll find all the travel details you need in The Three Chimneys travel PDF or see where we are on Google Maps.